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Vigilante gets revenge on porch pirates by filling packages with dog poop

A pet-owner enlisted the help of his dog to exact revenge on porch pirates who had been stealing his packages.

Ian Hanrahan said his home and his neighbors homes in Portland, Oregon had been victimized by thieves stealing deliveries from their doorstep, so he decided to get back at them by letting them steal a package filled with his dog’s feces.

Hanrahan said he put out a decoy boy with his German Shepherd-Husky mix’s poop – and sure enough, someone stole it.

‘I’ve got a beautiful young German Shepherd-Husky and I’ve been collecting a bunch of his dog poop,’ Hanrahan told Fox 12.

‘So what i’ll do is I’ll cut the Amazon package from the bottom so they don’t see it’s been tampered with or anything, and I’ll just fill it with rocks and dog poop so when they open it they get a pretty unfortunate surprise.’

Hanrahan said captured video of the theft, which he later posted to Instagram. He said one of his neighbors also took a photo of the suspect as they walked away.

He said he just hopes his plan will be a deterrent for other thieves in his neighborhood who may be thinking about victimizing his home.


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